December 2018
Procore’s announces a new Manufacturing Facility

Procore announces the launch of its new manufacturing facility in its Ness Ziona site with a fully qualified clean room suite dedicated to the production of its RegenoGel family of products.

The facility meets the highest international regulatory standards and shall allow the scale up of Procore’s production capacity to meet future developments and increasing market requirements.

June 2018
Procore receives an extended and comprehensive approval from Israel Ministry of Health.

The RegenoGel line of products received extended and comprehensive approval from the Israel Ministry of Health for use by qualified medical practitioners in all medical centers and clinics to treat all joints.

April 2018
Kaplan Medical Center & Procore receive ethics committee approval for a proof of concept trial for burns and skin transplant surgeries

Procore and the Plastic Surgery Department at Kaplan Medical Center, led by Dr. Dana Egozi, are coordinating a clinical trial to test the efficacy of RegenoGel in acute wound healing for pain control, wound infection and scar formation.

February 2018
Procore initiates a comprehensive, post-marketing, controlled clinical trial in five leading medical centers in Israel

Procore initiated a new clinical trial in collaboration with five leading medical centers in Israel, including Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov), Assaf Ha’Rofeh Medical Center, Hadassah Medical Center, Meir Hospital and Sha’arei Tzedek Medical Center. This comprehensive post-marketing trial will provide first-level evidence to support efficacy of RegenoGel in alleviating pain and restoring joint function, as well as a comprehensive comparison between the different products and their treatment protocols. Leading orthopedists and rheumatologists are taking part in the trial.

July 2017
Collaboration signed between Assuta Medical Centers and Procore

A new collaboration agreement Assuta Medical Centers includes opening dedicated laboratories at the Ramat Ha’Chayal and Rishon Le’Zion Assuta branches for preparing RegenoGel-OSP. Among the doctors prescribing RegenoGel products at Assuta Medical Centers are Dr. Gavriel Eger, Head of Orthopedics at Assaf Ha’Rofeh Medical Center; Dr. Vadim Benkovich, Director of the Joint Implementation Unit at Soroka Medical Center’s Orthopedics Department; Dr. Stefan Ben-Shoshan, a specialist in spine and joint diseases at Assuta’s Asia Medical Center; and Dr. Yiftach Ber, Head of the Endoscopic Orthopedic Unit in Assaf Ha’Rofeh Medical Center. Procore expects the collaboration make the treatment significantly more accessible for Assuta patients.

June 2017
Israel’s Ministry of Health approves Expanded scope for RegenoGel family

Following its first year of market experience of product efficacy and high safety profile, Israel’s Ministry of Health has expanded the indication for RegenoGel to include treatment of hip and shoulder joints. Treatment is now available throughout Israel for pain and cartilage erosion of the knees, hips and shoulders.

May 2017
Procore expands activities to penetrate the Canadian Market

Following a pre Investigational Testing Authorization (ITA) meeting with Health Canada, Procore received its first clinical development plan and product designation for RegenoGel as a medical device by the Canadian authorities, with plans towards product registration and commercialization in Canada.

April 2017
Procore launches RegenoGel “Off-the-Shelf” version

Procore is proud to announce the launch of a new, “off-the-shelf” version, RegenoGel-RG, a mechanically stable, non-autologous viscosupplementation solution expected to provide long-term pain relieve and restoration of joint function.

March 2017
Kaplan Medical Center and Procore announced a new RegenoGel clinical trial for sport injuries

Procore is sponsoring an investigator-initiated a clinical trial at the Orthopedic Department at Kaplan Medical Center, led by Prof. Yona Kosashvili and his colleagues Dr. Tavor Hovav and Dr. Philip Rozinsky. This is the first trial of its kind investigating the potential to enhance post-surgical rehabilitation and provide long-term protection from trauma-induced osteoarthritis in young people who suffer from sports injuries, such as meniscus tears.

January 2017
Central Lab for RegenoGel-OSP Opens at Ramat Aviv Medical Center

Procore announced a new collaboration with the Ramat Aviv Medical Center to introduce RegenoGel-OSP (On-Site Plasma) treatment, an autologous treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee. The collaboration includes establishing dedicated laboratory to prepare RegenoGel-OSP. The Ramat Aviv Medical Center is an ultra-modern facility with over 65 specialists on staff providing high quality medical services to clients.


November 2016
Magen David Adom (MDA), The Israeli “Red Cross” & Procore Ltd. announced a collaboration

Magen David Adom (MDA), The Israeli “Red Cross” & Procore Ltd. announced a new research collaboration for developing next generation tissue repair solutions combining Procore’s RegenoGel with MDA’s blood born cells and plasma components. Procore’s research team will cooperate and gain access to MDA’s professional support and facilities.

July 2016
RegenoGel-OSP launched in Israel

Procore announced the official launch flagship RegenoGel-OSP, an autologous viscosupplementation treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee. The treatment is now available in specialty clinics and medical centers throughout Israel. The launch was initiated at the Ramat Aviv Medical Center by Dr. Ron Arbel, President of the Israeli Sport Medicine Association.

February 2016
Procore Bio Ltd. receives Israel Ministry of Health Medical Device Certification and Marketing Approval for RegenoGel family

The Israel Ministry of Health Medical Devices Division (AMAR) certified the RegenoGel product family for patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee. The medical device certification followed a set of pre-clinical and clinical trials that took place in collaboration with the Orthopedic Department of Assaf Ha’Rofeh Medical Center. The trial included patients with severe osteoarthritis who were all scheduled for total knee replacement surgery. This is an important milestone following long-term collaboration between Procore and the Orthopedic Department, under the leadership of Prof. Nachum Halperin and Dr. Gavriel Eger.

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