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What is RegenoGel?

RegenoGel is a novel injectable viscoelastic gel that provides rapid, long-term pain relief and promotes regenerative healing of damaged cartilage due to degenerative joint disease, like osteoarthritis, or trauma. This effective, minimally invasive, rapid and safe solution promises new hope to patients suffering from pain and disability. Made exclusively of natural components. RegenoGel acts quickly to relieve pain and has shown potential to provide long-term protection from further cartilage degeneration.

How does RegenoGel work?

RegenoGel acts in two phases. First, the non-viscous liquid is injected and freely spreads within the joint, filling fissures and cracks. Once settled into the damaged joint tissue, it transforms into a stable non-soluble gel. This gelation dramatically enhances the mechanical supportive and soothing properties, providing lubrication and dissipating pressure to alleviate pain. Enriched with fibrinogen, a bio-environment uniquely conducive to regenerative healing is created to allow for natural tissue regeneration.

What is the RegenoGel treatment process?

RegenoGel is prescribed by an orthopedist or rheumatologist, following a diagnosis of osteoarthritis, or confirmed cartilage damage due to trauma. The treatment usually involves a single injection in the doctor's office, after which patients can return to their daily routines in a short period.

How is RegenoGel different from other joint treatments?

Using proprietary technology developed by Procore, RegenoGel brings together two materials to create a novel “super” material that is much more stable than other solutions. Following injection, it turns into a solid gel, compared to other products which are liquid and therefore do not remain long enough within the joint to be effective over time.
RegenoGel is a combination of natural high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA) chemically joined to fibrinogen, a plasma regulator of wound healing. This “perfect marriage of materials” creates a highly stable injectable viscosupplementation solution (a simple medical procedure during which lubricating fluid is injected into a joint). This means it has all the soothing viscoelastic properties of HA and creates a unique bio-environment to stimulate the body’s own physiological regenerative processes. The material is finer than other viscosupplementation solutions and can be administered using a fine needle.

Does RegenoGel “cure” Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is usually a chronic and irreversible phenomenon. However, the symptoms of pain and poor flexibility can be treated and improvement can be achieved. RegenoGel creates a unique regenerative environment within the joint due to its stable gel properties to reduce pain over time. In turn, the environment created is conducive to regenerative healing and may slow down further cartilage degeneration.

Where can I get RegenoGel treatment?

RegenoGel is available and provided in Israel by leading orthopedists in private clinics and medical centers throughout the country. RegenoGel clinical trials are also taking place in Israel and abroad. Please contact us if you need more information about finding a treating physician or clinical trial site in your region.

Is RegenoGel right for me?

RegenoGel is a viable treatment for anyone who suffers from joint pain, osteoarthritis or other degenerative joint diseases, in the knee, hip, ankle or shoulder. If you were diagnosed with osteoarthritis, RegenoGel may help you. The treatment is relevant for wide range of patients – from athletes who suffer from a cartilage degeneration due to extensive use, to elderly patients suffering from chronic pain and joint degeneration from age-related osteoarthritis. Pregnant women and children should consult with their doctors.

What is RegenoGel made from?

RegenoGel combines natural high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural element of the human body that contributes to joint lubrication, tissue elasticity and combating inflammation. HA is chemically linked to fibrinogen, a vital blood component and dominant protein in the body's wound and tissue healing processes. This perfect combination of materials creates a highly stable injectable viscosupplementation material that has all the soothing viscoelastic properties of HA and creates a unique bio-environment to stimulate the body’s own physiological regenerative processes.

Are there any side effects or risks?

RegenoGel has been tested extensively and has been proven safe and effective. No adverse effects, either local or systemic, have been reported by patients treated with either RegenoGel-RG or RegenoGel-OSP. Patients may experience some local discomfort or pain at the site of injection.

What is the difference between RegenoGel-RG and RegenoGel-OSP?

RegenoGel comes in two versions: RegenoGel-RG is a ready-to-use, off-the-shelf product composed of a hyaluronic acid and fibrinogen. It requires no special preparation and is administered via a simple injection that usually takes no more than a few minutes. RegenoGel-OSP (On-Site Plasma) is based on hyaluronic acid chemically linked to the patient's own plasma fibrinogen prior to injection. The process requires the patient’s small blood sample taken for product preparation either by the doctor or in a dedicated laboratory. The RegenoGel-OSP procedure is therefore a bit longer, and may take up to an hour. Both products deliver significant pain relief and have been proven safe and effective. The selection of the optimal RegenoGel treatment is a function of the degree and nature of the disease.

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