July 2017
Collaboration signed between Assuta Medical Centers and Procore

A new collaboration agreement Assuta Medical Centers includes opening dedicated laboratories at the Ramat Ha’Chayal and Rishon Le’Zion Assuta branches for preparing RegenoGel-OSP. Among the doctors prescribing RegenoGel products at Assuta Medical Centers are Dr. Gavriel Eger, Head of Orthopedics at Assaf Ha’Rofeh Medical Center; Dr. Vadim Benkovich, Director of the Joint Implementation Unit at Soroka Medical Center’s Orthopedics Department; Dr. Stefan Ben-Shoshan, a specialist in spine and joint diseases at Assuta’s Asia Medical Center; and Dr. Yiftach Ber, Head of the Endoscopic Orthopedic Unit in Assaf Ha’Rofeh Medical Center. Procore expects the collaboration make the treatment significantly more accessible for Assuta patients.

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