The next-generation treatment
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Treat pain and protect cartilage
at the source
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RegenoGel is a novel injectable viscoelastic gel that provides, long-term pain relief and promotes regenerative healing of damaged cartilage due to degenerative joint disease or trauma. This effective, minimally invasive and safe solution promises new hope to patients suffering from pain and disability.

REGENOGEL Advantages


Significantly reduces joint pain, improves range of motion and enhances quality of life


Made exclusively from natural biocompatible ingredients to promote regenerative healing with no reported side effects


Extraordinary stability for long-lasting benefit due to its unique material properties.

Novel “Super” Material

Shock absorption and load dissipation while creating a microenvironment conducive to regenerative healing

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Latest News

  • July 2020
    First publication summarizing interim results of ProCore’s Post Marketing Placebo Controlled Double Blind Clinical Study
  • May 2020
    ProCore has signed marketing and distribution agreement
  • February 2019
    ProCore completes the first phase of its Multi center, Placebo Controlled Double Blind Clinical Study of RegenoGel
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