Technology & Pipeline

HAProLink technology enables non-destructive conjugation of HA to proteins of choice. This technology, in combination with Procore’s other platform technologies, hold great potential in the field of regenerative medicine. Using HAProLink, Procore is developing novel biomaterials with adjustable mechanical and biochemical properties that can preserve stem cell function, enhance survival of transplanted autologous cells and ultimately act as a catalyst for tissue regeneration in multiple clinical applications. HAProLink technology enables the creation of unique viscoelastic gels versus the currently used viscous liquids such as HA. Most importantly, it also allows a better control of the final product with minimal undesired side products compared to standard HA-protein conjugation methods. Other applications of these technologies include sustained drug release devices, a universal carrier for stem cell delivery, novel scaffolds for bone and wound healing and more.

All of Procore’s platform technologies and IP assets use only biocompatible, ecofriendly natural biomaterials, designated for biomimetic innovation.

For degenerative joint diseases, Procore’s flagship RegenoGel is a unique three-dimensional viscoelastic gel. This viscoelastic gel has mechanical and biochemical properties that enhance joint preservation and survival of transplanted and endogenous cells to stimulate tissue regeneration in diseased and damaged joints.

Controlled release drug delivery

HAProLink has proven to be efficient in extending the half-life of proteins and small molecules as a basis for controlled-release drug delivery systems. Conjugation of HA to growth factors from the FGF family is being developed by Procore for treating degenerative joint diseases. A proprietary variant of FGF-18 is conjugated to HA (HA-FGF18v conjugate) incorporating the viscoelastic properties of HA with the selective powerful chondro-inductive properties of FGF18. This combination yields a superior and safe joint preservation product as demonstrated in several very relevant preclinical models for osteoarthritis.

Universal cell carrier

Procore is conducting ongoing research using CellMate™, a universal cell carrier based on Procore’s HAProLink technology. This technology harnesses two major extracellular matrix (ECM) constituents, HA and fibrin, linked to mimic the natural primary wound healing matrix. Procore is designing CellMate-based injectable hydrogels for indications where local cell-dependent tissue repair is required such as bone fractures, dental implants, myocardial infarctions, and skin and cartilage regeneration. These authentic 3D hydrogels are highly permeable, biocompatible and biodegradable cell carriers that supply therapeutic cells with the appropriate microenvironment.

Bone Fracture Healing

Procore is developing a cell-based product for bone fracture healing using its CellMate technology combined with its proprietary peripheral blood-derived Monocyte Rich Plasma (MRP). This product takes autologous vascular promoting cells isolated from the patients’ peripheral blood and delivered and localized to the injury site using Procore’s CellMate technology. Local delivery enables more effective cellular action, inducing osteogenic differentiation and neovascularization that accelerates bone formation and repair.

FGF variants

Fibroblast Growth Factors (FGF) are one of the most versatile growth factor systems in the human body. FGF ligands and their cognate receptors play major roles in various signaling networks and cellular pathways that underlie many physiological processes, such as angiogenesis (blood vessel formation), wound healing and tissue repair and regeneration. However, therapeutic and industrial use of FGFs are limited, mainly due to the lack of adequate specificity and tissue selectivity of FGF signaling molecules at specific sites for specific cellular function.

Procore has developed a rich platform of novel FGF variants and FGF-related technologies. These include:

  • A set of FGF variants with distinct receptor selectivity and enhanced tissue selectivity
  • Proprietary production protocols for research and clinical applications
  • A variety of sensitive analytical and functional assays for FGF and FGF receptors and their signaling pathways

Procore retains a set of proprietary growth factors with enhanced activity, selectivity and stability, useful for both soft tissue and bone tissue repair, as well as unique protocols for using these for stem and progenitor cell isolation, expansion and directed differentiation to particular tissues.

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