About RegenoGel

RegenoGel is a novel injectable viscoelastic gel that provides rapid, long-term pain relief and promotes regenerative healing of damaged cartilage due to degenerative joint disease or trauma. This effective, minimally invasive and safe solution promises new hope to patients suffering from pain and disability.

RegenoGel brings together two materials to create a novel “super” material. Using Procore’s proprietary platform technology, RegenoGel combines natural high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA) chemically linked to fibrinogen, a major plasma regulator of hemostasis and wound healing. This “perfect marriage” of non animal derived materials creates a highly safe and stable product. RegenoGel therefore shares the viscoelastic, protective and anti-inflammatory properties of HA with a fibrinogen-based matrix, to create a unique bio-compatible environment that stimulates the body’s own physiological regenerative processes.

RegenoGel acts in two phases. First, as a non-viscous liquid easily administered through a fine needle, it freely flows and spreads within the joint, filling fissures and cracks. Once settled into the damaged tissue, it transforms into a non-soluble stable gel. This transformation from liquid to solid dramatically enhances its supportive and soothing properties, providing lubrication and dissipating pressure to alleviate pain. Enriched with fibrinogen, this bio-environment is uniquely conducive to regenerative healing and optimal for natural tissue regeneration.

REGENOGEL Advantages


Significantly reduces joint pain, improves range of motion and enhances quality of life


Made exclusively from natural biocompatible ingredients to promote regenerative healing with no reported side effects


Extraordinary stability for long-lasting benefit due to its unique material properties.

Novel “Super” Material

Shock absorption and load dissipation while creating a microenvironment conducive to regenerative healing

RegenoGel is available in two forms: RegenoGel-RG and RegenoGel-OSP. RegenoGel-OSP is an autologous version of RegenoGel with an added layer of personalized properties. RegenoGel-OSP (On Site Plasma) combines high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA) with the patient’s own plasma. The combined viscoelastic properties of hyaluronic acid with the growth promoting activity of soluble and platelet-associated factors alongside the regenerative, wound-healing properties of plasma fibrinogen. This unique combination offers a fully autologous and regenerative viscosupplementation material. RegenoGel-OSP is especially indicated for mild to severe osteoarthritis where there is enough residual joint cartilage capable of regeneration.

Both RegenoGel-RG and RegenoGel-OSP are approved for use by Israel’s Ministry of Health. Patients have been successfully treated since 2016 in several major medical centers with unprecedented results. Evidence based data from ongoing clinical trials and post-marketing evaluation that supports RegenoGel’s superior properties indicates significant pain relief, improved range of motion and enhanced quality of life.

Dr. Ron Arbel
“RegenoGel is natural, is biologic and has no reported side effects. As a doctor who treats a lot of patients suffering from Osteoarthritis of the joints, I can see a lot of improvement in patients who were treated with RegenoGel and for a longer time.”
Dr. Ron Arbel
Orthopedic Surgeon
Areh Czeret Patient
“I have been suffering for many years from pain in my knee. I have tried many treatments and none of them were successful. With RegenoGel the pain stopped after a day! Now I'm more mobile than ever.”
Areh Czeret
Dr. Yiftah B'eer
“RegenoGel enables a longer anti-inflamatory effect on Osteoarthritic knees. We have conducted safety trials at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center and found no side effects.”
Dr. Yiftah B'eer
Head of Knee Surgery & Sport Injury Unit, Assaf Harofeh Medical Center
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